“Light of the (Under)World”

Greek mythological satire

(published April 6, 2021 on Short Fiction Break)

Ixion is my name. Few have heard of me; fewer have seen me—among the living that is. But when you die and Charon ferries your shade down to Hades’ realm, there you will see me, affixed to my ever-turning wheel of hell-flame. From my torment comes the light which light the dead’s sunless land.

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“The Death of Edward Jenkins”

Fourth-wall-breaking fiction

(published August 27, 2020 on Short Fiction Break)

Edward Jenkins woke up at 6 AM as he did every morning. However, little did he know this would be the day he would die.

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“The Thing With Onyx Eyes”

Lovecraftian horror flash fiction

(published October 11, 2013 in the Whispers From the Abyss anthology, available on Amazon)

Often I do sit by myself on dark and windy nights, seated in my chair by the fire, its crackling speech giving warmth to the room but not my bones. I do sit oblivious, my mind not in my parlor but up in the attic where the thing is held… The thing with onyx eyes.

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“Wormwood’s Sting”

Paranormal investigative blog post

(first posted July 29, 2018)

Join with me as we look beyond the veil of the ordinary at a piece of art that has been connected to a string of disappearances, tragic accidents, and murder.

In the summer of 2007, 98-year-old Gerda Ross was found dead in her Massachusetts home. Fully-clothed and lying on top of her bed sheets, she apparently died in her sleep.

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