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Welcome to my website.

I am a college-trained graphic designer with more than four years of experience marketing in the appliance repair industry. Aside from branding and designing for the Web, I am the marketing assistant at Master Samurai Tech. As such, I have written dozens of newsletters and other promotional material.

I can bring all these skills and experience to bear for your business.

A quality logo can make all the difference in the world when attracting new customers. A logo must convey the quality and skill of your company. A complete branding package will guarantee customer top-of-mind awareness, meaning customers will think of your business when they are in need.

In today’s Internet age, the businesses that thrive are the ones that speak to their customers. This is done through email newsletters, online ads, and blog posts. Newsletters and blog posts are crucial to building report and competency with your potential clients. In addition, blog posts and the like give away bits of information, enticing your customers to want more. Regularly speaking to your customer base through written formats is key to maintaining and growing a loyal clientele willing to buy your products and services.

All of these things I just listed above I can help you with. Listed below are all the services you can get at Stephen I am here to help your business appear as the trusted, quality company you know it is. And with my help, your customers will know that too.

  • A new logo to represent your business is $200 one-time payment.
  • For a complete branding package (logo, business cards, Google ads, etc.) the price will vary. Please email me for specific pricing.
  • If you want a newsletter or blog post, the starting price is $10 per 100 words. Once again, the price may be less or more depending upon the scope of the project.

Please email me with questions or queries here.