About Stephen Brown

From Castle El Diablo on its high mountain perch, swoops Stephen Brown. A writer and graphic design extraordinaire, not by choice but compelled by the fickle whims of Destiny.

Deep within the fetid bowels of his mountaintop abode, Stephen Brown crafts his works of literary ineptitude, he forges his graphical arts of aesthetic terror. Grown men weep in fear and mothers cling their babes close to their breasts when Stephen sits before his computer and begins his Herculean labors.

Stephen Brown has experience in content writing and copywriting, mainly in the appliance repair industry, as that is the family trade. He got his BA in graphic design from Southern New Hampshire University in 2019 after much weeping and gnashing of teeth.

His interests are wide and varied, but include history, literature, hiking, bicycling, biblical Hebrew, film criticism, homebrewing, art theory, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Since his childhood, Stephen Brown has been interested in creative writing and fantasy. He whiled away many a day as a child drawing fantasy characters and thinking up little stories. He played Satan’s own Dungeons & Dragons with his friends as an early teen. This storytelling impulse never quite left him, and today Stephen has written and published several pieces of short fiction. He continues to write fiction in his free time. Where that will lead, only time will tell.