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Short Fiction

“The Ghost and the Sword”


(published October 21, 2022 on Short Fiction Break)

On a sheer hill near the booming sea, sat a lonesome castle. The moon was a meager half crescent as it rose above the ruined turrets. Two figures huddled near the gateway of the old castle, turning their backs to the wind. One was an old man, wearing a fur robe and a rope belt. The other was a red-haired youth, beardless and ruddy cheeked. He gazed up at the castle with haughty green eyes. Very few things made him quail, but the sight of that castle, dark and full of silent menace, filled him with unease.

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“Heaven Above, Earth Below”


(published April 14, 2022 on Short Fiction Break)

The fire roared in the hearth. Simon Montclair was one of many men seated at the round table. In their midst sat Sir Roland Warwick. The air in the room was warm and intimate. A pleasant buzz of voices hovered over the table. Simon happened to be sitting a few chairs down from his host, allowing him a good view of Sir Warwick’s face.

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“Trimalchio & Fortunato”


(published July 22, 2021 on Short Fiction Break)

Today was Trimalchio’s anniversary. It was not his wedding anniversary, nor his birthday, nor any sort of holiday that anyone else might recognize. No, it was an anniversary of a very different kind.

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“Light of the (Under)World”

Greek mythological satire

(published April 6, 2021 on Short Fiction Break)

Ixion is my name. Few have heard of me; fewer have seen me—among the living that is. But when you die and Charon ferries your shade down to Hades’ realm, there you will see me, affixed to my ever-turning wheel of hell-flame. From my torment comes the light which light the dead’s sunless land.

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“The Death of Edward Jenkins”

Fourth-wall-breaking fiction

(published August 27, 2020 on Short Fiction Break)

Edward Jenkins woke up at 6 AM as he did every morning. However, little did he know this would be the day he would die.

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“The Thing With Onyx Eyes”

Lovecraftian horror flash fiction

(published October 11, 2013 in the Whispers From the Abyss anthology, available on Amazon)

Often I do sit by myself on dark and windy nights, seated in my chair by the fire, its crackling speech giving warmth to the room but not my bones. I do sit oblivious, my mind not in my parlor but up in the attic where the thing is held… The thing with onyx eyes.

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“The Epic Journey of Beer”

Article published in Renaissance Magazine, issue #119, November 2018.

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