Content Writing

People surf the Internet for primarily two reasons: to be informed and to be entertained.

If you can do both, you’ll be king.

The Internet is packed with users looking for how-to articles, blog posts, and tutorials on every topic imaginable.

If you want to get anywhere, you have to provide information to be seen as an expert in your market. If you can entertain you readers, then they’re far more likely to come back.

Or better yet, buy from you.

That’s where I come in.

I write content articles for websites. I’ve written in a number of niches, including, beer-brewing, personal bios, technology, and the medical uses and legality of marijuana.

I have 5 years experience writing in the appliance repair niche as well, which combines matter-of-fact, humorous language with precise technical descriptions.

I can write for web pages, emails, blogs, e-zines, and print magazines.

For a sample of my article writing, here’s an article I wrote for the (now defunct through no fault of my own) Renaissance Magazine. Click here to read.

If you want a short (500 words or less) article written, you can go to my Fiverr page here: my Fiverr gig.

If you have a different length project in mind, email me at the email address below. Tell me thew scope of the project and I’ll tell you my rates.

Contact me here: