Is Hollywood Intentionally Trying to Kill Itself?

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: the torrent of bad movies that have spilling out of Hollywood for the past few years like a stream of diarrhea from a rectum is an intentional means of degrading our culture and filling out heads with nonsense garbage.

One could say the reason behind why so many movies suck is through simple incompetence or too much corporate oversight. When a movie comes out thats not too bad, they use that as an example that good movies are still being made.

In Hollywood, there’s only pimps and prostitutes. The pimps call the show and make the prostitutes dance to their tunes.

So the only movies that get made are the ones the pimps allowed to get made.

One only has to look at the tide of huge, big-budget failures in the recent years, especially from Marvel and DC.

Marvel Phase 4 is especially turning into a burning pile of cash.

So why is this? Have filmmakers forgotten how to make movies?

The reasons are, I think, twofold: the capture of Hollywood executives to radical leftist ideology for nefarious ends, and the universalism of Hollywood movies.

This self-destruction of Hollywood ties intrinsically to the culture war. I think it’s clear to most people that Hollywood is on the side of the radical left. The film industry is being used as a soapbox from which far leftist ideologies are proclaimed to the masses.

This would also explain the pretty blatant fan-hating going on right now, as seen with Marvel’s latest flops and such smash hits as Amazon’s Rings of Power. If you don’t absolutely love and adore these products of Bolshevik group-think, then you are a racist, misogynist troglodyte.

This clear contempt for large (even overwhelming) segments of your audience is obviously not profits motivated. To me, this a clear sign of Hollywood’s true goal: to push the far leftist, globalist agenda. And meanwhile, whether someone likes or dislikes a given piece of media is used as a litmus test to see into camp they fall.

Fortunately, this is largely starting to backfire. No matter how many characters they gender-swap or race-swap, Hollywood is a propaganda machine. And propaganda doesn’t sell, not in the long run.

As mainstream actors and Hollywood continue to lose credibility and revenue, a window is opening up for storytellers with talent to step in and fill the void.

Mainstream American films are designed to be international and to bring in that coveted Chinese money. So one reason they suck is because they are filmed with a global audience in mind.

But you can’t do that.

Each culture has their own variations and ways of telling stories. Just watch a Bollywood (or Tollywood) film. Their way different in style to Western film and tell stories in a way relatable to an Indian audience, not a “global, universal” market.

While a story well told can have universal appeal, the manner of its telling is subject to the culture in which it is being told.

This is one reason for modern moves sucking, they are simple commodities meant to bring in money from markets around the globe, no more, no less.

Hence the destruction of once beloved franchises by corporations who could care less (a la, Star Wars).

Hopefully, the house of cards in Hollywood will come crashing down and filmmaking will become a freer enterprise, not constrained by rich and powerful (leftists) overlords in California and elsewhere.

Where are the directors and screenwriters who want to tell stories, who want to explore the medium of film and sound? Don’t know, they’re mostly gone these days, or if they are around, chances are they don’t speak English as a first language.

So ye, I think Hollywood is trying to kill itself. And you know what? Let it.

Are You a Prude or a Libertine (Say No to Dialectics)

If you notice in a lot of movies and video games (and plenty of books too) whenever there are factions within the setting, it usually boils down to being fascists or hippies.

Or prudes or libertines.

One side/faction are orderly control freaks while the others are live-and-let-live hippie-types.

Not only is this boring world-building that gets old fast—especially because it is a prevalent trope, just look carefully at the media you consume—its also deceptive.

Life is far more nuanced than a choice between two stark alternatives. Some media can capture more nuance in their factions. It really comes down to writing.

I’ve always thought Fallout: New Vegas had very interesting factions.

The NCR and Caesar’s Legion are great examples of factions which contrast each other well and are grounded in some sort of reality. The NCR might be the benevolent republic, but they are still mired down in bureaucracy and to the people of the Mojave, they’re outsiders looking to control the region.

Caesar’s Legion is an authoritarian, militaristic slave-based society that seeks to conquer everything in its path. The two factions make for great enemies and the world is further fleshed out by solid supporting minor factions, all with their own goals, interests, and relationships to the other factions.

While the game still present the player with a choice of fascists versus hippies, it adds enough depth and nuance to make it interesting.

I’m not sure why exactly this trope is so prevalent in media. It could be due to lazy writing or lack of imagination. Or to the perceived differences to the right and left in American and Western politics. These tropes reinforce what we are told about the two parties in America.

If life really that simple?

I’d say no to that. While in some stories a stark contrast between good and evil (e.g. Lord of the Rings, Star Wars) can work, because it benefits the moral of the story, in other settings the difference between factions—the choices presented to the player—should also reflect the setting, and should often therefore be more nuanced or mature.

Challenge players. Don’t give them a simple dialectical choice.

Real life isn’t dialectical. Its messy and nuanced. It requires wisdom to navigate life’s choices.

In general, while dialectical choices can be ok in video games or movies for the sake of the plot, in real life you should be wary of anyone trying to sell you on a simplistic dialectical choice.

Don’t fall for choosing right or left, fascist or socialist, or whatever the choice is.

Anyone offering you a dialectical choice is trying to control you. Don’t fall for it.

Read Scripture instead. Gain wisdom and you’ll figure out what path to walk in your life, without being spoon-fed idiotic dialectics that are constantly being dished out by the world.

Say no to dialectics. Say yes to Scripture and its God. He’ll guide you on the narrow way to walk.

You Are What You (Narratively) Eat

It’s long been said you are what you eat.

And I think that’s very true.

Not only when it comes to physical food: people who eat natural, real food tend to be much healthier, especially in the long run, compared to those who consume processed junk food regularly.

But I think it’s true on a narrative level.

People are, in other words, what they believe. They act out whatever narratives control their minds.

This why people on the far left are so strange. Not only do so many of them act like unhinged demon spawn, but they look weird. 

With their died hair and excessive body piercings and tattoos, they are exhibiting the ugly narratives which control them.

And its why so many act like deranged lunatics on a crusade for debauchery. Their narratives which they have consumed have robbed them of reasoning and compassion for those who don’t follow the same creed.

And this is why so many politicians look weird and why so many age with a complete lack of grace. All the lies and the sick, control-freak narratives they worship corrupts them physically just as it corrupts their minds.

The same is true for people with either extreme stress (which they let control their lives) or with very unhealthy mental narratives about themselves. These unhealthy states of mind can be brought on by trauma or simply destructive stories a person tells about themself.

Either way, these can destroy a person’s health. The destructive thoughts lead to destructive actions. The unhealthy state of mind is shown in an unhealthy body. This could be uncontrolled weight gain, a ruined immune system, self-mutilation, and so on.

What happens in the mind is reflected in the physical world, whether we like it or not.

So be careful what narratives you ingest. They have the power to warp and twist your thoughts, or straighten your mind out. Its all a matter of what you choose to internalize.

You Worship What You Fear

I think it’s very interesting that in Hebrew the word “to fear” and “to worship/revere” are the same word.

In Hebrew, the word is ירא (yarē). Since Hebrew is most likely a constructed Semitic language, this is very likely an intentional mixture of meanings.

I think it’s very true to the human condition. What you are afraid of controls your life.

For children, it might be fear of the dark.

Or if people are afraid of getting sick, they will alter their lives. They won’t go outside, they’ll wear masks.

If you fear someone, you’ll do as they say. 

In many situations, fear is what keeps us alive. Fear is what keeps paratroopers from getting sloppy, for instance. When you’re not afraid of death, that is when things go wrong, when accidents occur.

But in terms of powers and the narratives which run our lives, there is only one person we should actually fear.

It isn’t a government, or a sickness.

But the God found in Scripture. This is why Proverbs and the Psalms, Job and the Magnificat of Mary hold up fear of the Lord as the beginning of wisdom.

It’s pointless to be afraid of a government or a disease. Sure, there are plenty of things in this life that can kill you.

But only the Lord can judge you.

And He doesn’t pick sides. He is the only impartial judge there is.

And that is terrifying, from a human perspective. Because unlike human judges, He can’t be bribed.

If we fear the Lord, we’ll do as he commands us, then at least there is hope. And if we fear the Lord, so many other fears fade away.

Suddenly the powers of this world don’t seem quite so scary as they might be. So act with courage!

Think about what you fear in life. Who told you to be afraid? That thing, and the one who told you to be afraid, they control your life. They’re in your head, controlling your actions.

So don’t be afraid.

We Are All Slaves

By the title I mean we are slaves to a worldview, a narrative in our heads that tells us how the world works.

You could call this religion, or faith if you want. Though faith is a lame English word; trust is better. We trust the world works a certain way. We trust other people. We trust the institutions that our lives and our society is built on. We trust what we see on the news or hear from other people. We trust ourselves.

Whatever the case, we all act on trust. If we didn’t, we couldn’t get out of bed each morning.

We as humans navigate the world by constructing a narrative—or worldview—out of all these things that we trust.

None of us can interact with the world directly. Even from a sensory point of view this is true. Our brains interpret the electrical impulses coming through it from our sensory organs and interprets the information for us.

The same thing happens with events. When, say, a natural disaster or violent crime happens, unless you were there to witness the event yourself, you learn about the event and the minute facts from various sources.

These sources could be lying or withholding information, or simply presenting things in a way to push the news provider’s own agenda.

These narrative worldviews we construct, or allow to be constructed on us by others, are our religions. In the ancient world, these narratives were anthropomorphized and worshipped as gods.

Everyone’s narrative is not a single, coherent perspective. It’s always a messy, incoherent tangle of different ideas constructed over a person’s lifetimes from different sources.

It’s like a big pile of dirty laundry. We pick through it and find a sock or a crumpled shirt to suit the occasion.

What’s going on right now in America is that there are largely two vastly different worldviews controlling the right and the left. They are, in effect, watching two different movies, two different takes on reality. This is why the political thinking is bifurcated in this country. And it’s no mere difference in thinking, it is deeply religious since so many people see their value and self-worth in whatever political side they are a part of.

The ultimate challenge of the Hebrew Scriptures is that it challenges you to have one narrative, one point of view, that of Scripture itself. You don’t get to construct the narrative, the narrative is already written in Scripture.

This is why, since its conception, different traditions and cultures have always mishandled Scripture, starting with the Hebrews themselves to modern Jews and Christians.

Scripture has issued a challenge that very few in the last two to three millennia have answered.

In the meantime, we continue to muddle through life with our chimeric worldviews which, whether we realize it or not, function as gods to us, guiding our choices, influencing how we perceive reality and those around us.

We all are religious. We are slaves to the gods which infest the false temples of our thoughts and words.

The least we can do is realize this is so.