You Are What You (Narratively) Eat

It’s long been said you are what you eat.

And I think that’s very true.

Not only when it comes to physical food: people who eat natural, real food tend to be much healthier, especially in the long run, compared to those who consume processed junk food regularly.

But I think it’s true on a narrative level.

People are, in other words, what they believe. They act out whatever narratives control their minds.

This why people on the far left are so strange. Not only do so many of them act like unhinged demon spawn, but they look weird. 

With their died hair and excessive body piercings and tattoos, they are exhibiting the ugly narratives which control them.

And its why so many act like deranged lunatics on a crusade for debauchery. Their narratives which they have consumed have robbed them of reasoning and compassion for those who don’t follow the same creed.

And this is why so many politicians look weird and why so many age with a complete lack of grace. All the lies and the sick, control-freak narratives they worship corrupts them physically just as it corrupts their minds.

The same is true for people with either extreme stress (which they let control their lives) or with very unhealthy mental narratives about themselves. These unhealthy states of mind can be brought on by trauma or simply destructive stories a person tells about themself.

Either way, these can destroy a person’s health. The destructive thoughts lead to destructive actions. The unhealthy state of mind is shown in an unhealthy body. This could be uncontrolled weight gain, a ruined immune system, self-mutilation, and so on.

What happens in the mind is reflected in the physical world, whether we like it or not.

So be careful what narratives you ingest. They have the power to warp and twist your thoughts, or straighten your mind out. Its all a matter of what you choose to internalize.

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