Is Hollywood Intentionally Trying to Kill Itself?

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: the torrent of bad movies that have spilling out of Hollywood for the past few years like a stream of diarrhea from a rectum is an intentional means of degrading our culture and filling out heads with nonsense garbage.

One could say the reason behind why so many movies suck is through simple incompetence or too much corporate oversight. When a movie comes out thats not too bad, they use that as an example that good movies are still being made.

In Hollywood, there’s only pimps and prostitutes. The pimps call the show and make the prostitutes dance to their tunes.

So the only movies that get made are the ones the pimps allowed to get made.

One only has to look at the tide of huge, big-budget failures in the recent years, especially from Marvel and DC.

Marvel Phase 4 is especially turning into a burning pile of cash.

So why is this? Have filmmakers forgotten how to make movies?

The reasons are, I think, twofold: the capture of Hollywood executives to radical leftist ideology for nefarious ends, and the universalism of Hollywood movies.

This self-destruction of Hollywood ties intrinsically to the culture war. I think it’s clear to most people that Hollywood is on the side of the radical left. The film industry is being used as a soapbox from which far leftist ideologies are proclaimed to the masses.

This would also explain the pretty blatant fan-hating going on right now, as seen with Marvel’s latest flops and such smash hits as Amazon’s Rings of Power. If you don’t absolutely love and adore these products of Bolshevik group-think, then you are a racist, misogynist troglodyte.

This clear contempt for large (even overwhelming) segments of your audience is obviously not profits motivated. To me, this a clear sign of Hollywood’s true goal: to push the far leftist, globalist agenda. And meanwhile, whether someone likes or dislikes a given piece of media is used as a litmus test to see into camp they fall.

Fortunately, this is largely starting to backfire. No matter how many characters they gender-swap or race-swap, Hollywood is a propaganda machine. And propaganda doesn’t sell, not in the long run.

As mainstream actors and Hollywood continue to lose credibility and revenue, a window is opening up for storytellers with talent to step in and fill the void.

Mainstream American films are designed to be international and to bring in that coveted Chinese money. So one reason they suck is because they are filmed with a global audience in mind.

But you can’t do that.

Each culture has their own variations and ways of telling stories. Just watch a Bollywood (or Tollywood) film. Their way different in style to Western film and tell stories in a way relatable to an Indian audience, not a “global, universal” market.

While a story well told can have universal appeal, the manner of its telling is subject to the culture in which it is being told.

This is one reason for modern moves sucking, they are simple commodities meant to bring in money from markets around the globe, no more, no less.

Hence the destruction of once beloved franchises by corporations who could care less (a la, Star Wars).

Hopefully, the house of cards in Hollywood will come crashing down and filmmaking will become a freer enterprise, not constrained by rich and powerful (leftists) overlords in California and elsewhere.

Where are the directors and screenwriters who want to tell stories, who want to explore the medium of film and sound? Don’t know, they’re mostly gone these days, or if they are around, chances are they don’t speak English as a first language.

So ye, I think Hollywood is trying to kill itself. And you know what? Let it.

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