Just Keep Walking

It’s always been this way, but more so now than ever in our current generation, the world wants you to pick a side.

Whether its over COVID, or the war in Ukraine, science vs. religion, or a political party.

Most of these choices come in the form of dialectics, a choice between thing A or thing B. With one being seen as good and the other as bad.

You see these dialectical contrasts everywhere. Democrat vs. Republican, Jew vs. Gentile, Catholic vs. Protestant, Christian vs. Muslim, etc, etc.

The world has always worked this way. And you know what? It always will.

These dialectical traps are then used to make people hate each other. This is how wars are started and people kept divided from each other.

The answer?

Just keep walking. Don’t choose a side, don’t fall for one camp or another.

Read Scripture daily and then live your life.

No, you won’t get to go “Oorah!” with the boys when they roll out the flag, but you will live a wiser life, free from being a pawn in someone else’s game. And you’ll begin to see that everyone is your brother and sister.

Leave the sifting to someone else. It’s not up to us to decide who’s in, who’s out or which side is wrong or right. None of us are in a position to do so. All we can do is keep walking forward.

Every day is just a matter of walking through this life. Choose to live wisely.

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